Inside Pitch Magazine, November/December 2021

From the Publisher: "The Interviews" – A Must Read!

By Keith Madison, Publisher of Inside Pitch Magazine and Chairman of the ABCA Board of Directors

Cover of The Interviews Volume 1 BookThe idea of publishing a baseball magazine surfaced from the recesses of my mind several years ago—not long after retiring from a 28-year coaching career. Together with friend and former player Ken Jackson and my youngest son Tyler, we developed a concept and a name, Inside Pitch. The best decision we made was to name Adam Revelette senior editor. He truly became the “Quarterback” for Inside Pitch Magazine, and I’m thrilled that he’s undertaken this book project. 

At a young age, Adam has made an impact on baseball as a player at the University of Kentucky and in the Minnesota Twins organization and as a coach at Transylvania University, Baylor University, Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Not only did Coach Revelette develop many professional prospects, he also helped young men become outstanding citizens, and during each of his stops, he carved out time to help make Inside Pitch the finest publication of its kind. It is my belief that The Interviews will leave an even larger footprint on this great game.

I’m delighted to introduce this book to any coach, player or fan with the interest to learn more about what some of the greatest minds in baseball have to say about all phases of the game. Adam’s passion for the game and his ability to communicate with our contributors will be evident from the beginning to end. Many of the topics will be unique, some even controversial. No matter how long you have been intrigued with baseball, this collection will both challenge some of your own philosophies and help you fall in love with the game at a new level. 

Adam’s ultimate goal for the book is to aggregate the in-depth, focused and expansive content that we have covered during our time cultivating the foundation of Inside Pitch Magazine. Within these interviews, you will get an in-depth, all-access look at many of the best baseball people on the planet. Whether you’re an aspiring coach, a knowledge-hungry player, or a parent looking for good information, these interviews will provide you with insights from some very experienced and brilliant baseball minds. If you love baseball, or coaching, or leadership, you will love this book. It’s been awesome to work with Adam on the magazine. Now, it will be fun to enjoy the book for years to come. 

No matter what your interest is in baseball, you will want to keep this book handy. With this book, Adam Revelette has hit a walk-off grand slam! 

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