Inside Pitch Magazine, Fall 2014

Last Inning: offers clinic videos to all!

ABCA LogoIf you attend the ABCA Convention this January, there's a huge benefit coming your way. All convention attendees will get free online access to the Orlando clinic videos on the new website. "It's an initiative we’re really excited about," said Jon Litchfield, the ABCA's Communications & Business Coordinator. "This will really increase the availability of our coaching clinic videos from the conventions."

The website, which launched in early October, offers every clinic video since 2008 for instant download to any device. "You pay once for access to the video, and it's in your online library for good. You can buy individual videos or packages from the whole convention," Litchfield said. "We’re also going to come out with some other packages as well."

The videos are available online for anyone to watch on demand, at Current ABCA members will get 30% off, and individuals attending the annual ABCA Convention will get access to all of that year's videos (a $400 value) for free. "Anyone that’s purchased the DVD’s in the past will get an additional discount for video on demand," adds Litchfield.

The ABCA has offered clinic DVDs for sale for many years, and will continue to do so in the future. "It’s upgraded technology; people aren’t always looking to get a DVD in the mail," said Litchfield. "This way, you can get instant access without the bulk of the DVD. We’ve seen the demand for being able to watch online."

The videos will work on any computer or mobile device, and will be organized by subject online:

Player Development/Position Play:
  • Pitching
  • Catching
  • Infielders
  • Outfielders
  • Hitting
  • Base Running

Coaching Development:
  • Team Development
  • Player Development
  • Practice Planning
  • Strategies
  • Mental Game
  • Strength Training
  • Miscellaneous

In addition to contact information, the website will also have "My Account" and "FAQ" links, along with a "My Library" page where a user's purchased videos will be saved for future viewing.

"Teaching is at the heart of the American Baseball Coaches Association's values, so we felt it was extremely important to find a way to extend this benefit to our members," said Executive Director Craig Keilitz.
For more information about the clinic videos, visit

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