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2021-10 Chris Pollard & Dusty Blake (Pitching) Developing Command in Todays Velo-First Environment

Chris Pollard & Dusty Blake, Duke University: "Developing Command in Today's Velo-First Environment" from the 2021 Virtual Convention, Time: 1:00:21

2020-06 Derek Johnson (Pitching) The Pitcher/Hitter Confrontation

Derek Johnson, Cincinnati Reds: "The Pitcher/Hitter Confrontation" from the 2020 ABCA Convention in Nashville, Time: 1:37:19

2019-03 Jake McKinley (Practice) Competition: The Engine Driving Player Development

Jake McKinley, Milwaukee Brewers: "Competition: The Engine Driving Player Development" from the 2019 ABCA Convention in Dallas, Time: 32:46

2019-08 Tim Corbin (Leadership-Practice) Creating Your Training Environment

Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt University: "Creating Your Training Environment" from the 2019 ABCA Convention in Dallas, Time: 41:37

2019-10 Kai Correa & Tucker Frawley (Defense-Infield) Developing Infielders via Daily Routines ...

Kai Correa & Tucker Frawley: "Developing Infielders via Daily Routines, Drills and Data" from the 2019 ABCA Convention in Dallas, Time: 38:11

2018-21 Nate Yeskie (Pitching) Building a Competitive Pitcher

Nate Yeskie, University of Arizona: "Building a Competitive Pitcher" from the 2018 ABCA Convention in Indianapolis, Time: 37:18