Here are answers to some common questions about the ABCA. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, contact us at or call our national office at (336) 821-3140.



If you are having difficulties logging into the ABCA website, please call the national office at (336) 821-3140 or email and we'll be glad to help!
Sometimes the password reset email will get caught up in the spam/junk folder of your email inbox or get blocked by a school/organization server. If you have requested your password reset and didn't receive an email, please email or call our national office at (336) 821-3140 so that we can set up a temporary password for you and get you logged in to your account. 
If you need to update your account information, please log in to your ABCA account. Once logged in, click the "My Profile" link at the top of the home page. When you're on your profile page, you can then click the pencil icon to edit any of your information. You may also e-mail with your updated information and we will make sure your account is correct so that you receive all your membership benefits.
If you have been locked out of your account, please email or call our national office at (336) 821-3140. We will unlock your account and ensure that you can get logged in again.


We are proud to keep our membership dues as low as possible to make membership affordable to coaches at all levels of the sport. ABCA membership costs $55 and runs from September 1 through August 31 each year.
The ABCA membership year runs from September 1 through August 31 each year. Coaches can renew or sign up for membership throughout the year and will receive notices prior to their membership expiration the following August 31. The ABCA does offer multi-year memberships, which you can select while signing up at
Yes, the ABCA offers registration via online, phone or mail. Coaches can visit to register online, call our national office at (336) 821-3140 to register by phone, or print out the Mail-In Registration Form and send it to our national office along with payment.
Yes, we do allow coaches to pick up missing membership years. Coaches that wish to upgrade their continuous membership years can do so by paying the missing membership dues from their missing year(s) of membership. If you are interested in upgrading your continuous years or would like us to check if you're missing any membership years, please email or call our national office at (336) 821-3140.
Upon registering for your ABCA membership, you will receive an email confirmation/receipt. If you need a PDF or print-friendly version of your receipt, you can go to the "Participation" tab under "My Profile". You will be able to download a copy of your receipt under the "Recent Emails" section.


Yes, in order to sign up and attend the World's Largest Baseball Convention, you do need to be an ABCA member. Luckily, we keep our membership dues and convention fee as low as possible! You can register for your ABCA membership at or pay your membership dues while registering for the convention.
Registration for the ABCA Convention opens each year on September 1 before the convention. There are three registration deadlines: "Early Bird", "Advanced" and "On-Site", the earlier you register, the more you save! Please visit ABCA Convention Central to find out more about the upcoming convention and register!
All Official ABCA Convention Hotels will have room blocks with discounted room rates beginning on September 1 before the convention. All lodging information is available at Rooms fill up fast, so be sure to register for the convention and book your hotel room early!
Yes, we'd love for you to bring your family with you to the convention! In fact, your spouse or children under the age of 16 can be registered for a free convention guest badge. You are able to sign them up in advance online during your registration or can add them to your registration on-site at the on-site registration counters.
Yes, all members that register and check-in on-site at the ABCA Convention will have access to documentation verifying their attendance and participation in the annual ABCA Convention. Documentation can be found in the "Participation" tab under "My Profile". Additional information is available on the Professional Development/Continuing Education Credits Documentation Home Page.