ABCA members to receive Early Registration opportunity for 2022 ABCA Convention

February 8, 2021

McCormick Place, host of 2022 Convention, with text about Early Registration opening in AugustAll 2020-21 ABCA members will be able to take advantage of Early Convention Registration beginning in August 2021! This new member benefit will allow 2020-21 members to get signed up for the 2022 ABCA Convention in Chicago and hold a hotel room before new members and former members who didn't renew their ABCA memberships for 2020-21. The ABCA originally introduced this great new benefit last year before the Convention was transitioned from being held in-person to virtual.

Who is Early Registration for? All 2020-21 ABCA Members
What's the benefit? 2020-21 members will get an opportunity to register for the Convention in August. You will also have the opportunity to reserve a hotel room in the ABCA room block until they sell out. Registration for the convention & hotels will not open to non-members until September 1. We are hopeful that there are no COVID-19 restrictions in place for the 2022 ABCA Convention, however, registrations will be accepted first come, first serve so it's important that you register for the convention as soon as possible in case there are any imposed restrictions.
Do I need to do anything now? That depends. If you're not a 2020-21 ABCA member, you need to renew your membership today to be eligible for early registration for the 2022 ABCA Convention. If you're already an ABCA member, you're all set! 

Note: If you have an ABCA account but are unsure if your membership is active, please log in to your profile and check your "Member Type" status. If it does not say "Member", then you still need to register for your 2020-21 membership! If you're still unsure, experiencing difficulties or need assistance signing in, please contact the ABCA via email at [email protected] or by phone at (336) 821-3140.
How do I register early? All members will receive further instructions about accessing the Priority Registration as we get closer to August! Make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date so that you receive all correspondences including the weekly Press Box e-newsletter & Inside Pitch Magazine. An easy way to keep up with the latest association news and make any updates to your contact information is through the My ABCA app, which is available for all Apple and Android devices!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Why are 2020-21 ABCA members getting priority access for the 2022 ABCA Convention?
A: This is a benefit that rewards you for keeping your ABCA membership active each year!
Q: When will new members or non-renewed members be able to register for the 2021 Convention and book a hotel room?
A: Registration will be open to everyone beginning on the traditional start date of Sept. 1, 2021.
Q: Why does it matter if I sign up early?
A: Registration for the last in-person ABCA Convention opened in September and sold out in early November. We expect the 2022 Convention to be the largest in our nearly 80-year history. We are currently working with local officials and are hopeful that there will be no attendance restrictions in place for the 2022 ABCA Convention. However, should any limitations be imposed due to COVID-19 regulations or fire safety, registrations will be accepted first come, first serve so it's important that you register as soon as possible.
Q: If I am a 2020-21 member or sign up now for my membership, will everyone on my staff be able to register early?
A: No, if you want your fellow staff members to get early access to the Convention, have them get registered for a 2020-21 ABCA membership if they aren't already!
Q: I might change jobs after this season. Can I still get early access?
A: Yes, your membership is for you personally, not your employer. Be sure to keep your contact information updated in your ABCA membership profile so that you receive all the latest updates.
Q: Can I reserve a hotel room without registering for the ABCA Convention?
A: No, early access for rooms at the discounted ABCA rate is only available if you register for the Convention at the same time.
Q: How many hotel rooms can I reserve during Early Access period?
A: Each ABCA member who registers for the 2021 ABCA Convention may reserve one hotel room in the ABCA room block, until they run out. If you have multiple staff members who need a room, you will want to get them signed up for the convention at the same time.
Q: Can I book a hotel room now?
A: No, the ABCA's discounted room block will not open until September 1. You can only hold a room before then during the ABCA Convention Early Registration process.

Planning for the 2022 ABCA Convention is already underway! The event is scheduled to be held in Chicago from January 6-9, 2022. The event will be the 78th annual ABCA Convention and close to 10,000 coaches are expected to join us for the event! Early Convention registration will open in August for 2020-21 ABCA members. All new and former ABCA members will be able to register beginning September 1, 2021. Registration for 2020-21 ABCA membership is still open and anyone signing up now will be eligible for Early Convention Registration. The Convention will feature four days of coaching clinics across the General Session, Youth Coaches Session and Expo Theater, ABCA Trade Show, Hot Stove and Question & Answer Sessions, award celebrations, committee & league meetings, networking events and so much more! 

Be sure to keep an eye out for more information regarding the 2022 Convention beginning this summer on the ABCA website and our social media platforms as well as in the My ABCA appInside Pitch Magazine and Press Box e-newsletter. Save the date for January 6-9, 2022 and we'll see you in Chicago!