ABCA & Rapsodo to host free Webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 29

Rapsodo and the American Baseball Coaches Association are proud to present our first FREE webinar to ABCA member coaches, featuring behind-the-scenes stories of pitcher and player development from MLB pitcher Craig Breslow and Vanderbilt pitching coach Scott Brown.

Live Webinar!
Wednesday, November 29
1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern


SCOTT BROWN: Scott Brown's unending search for ways to improve his pitcher's performance led him to look for additional data to support his theories for bolstering his battery of arms, which in turn led him to Rapsodo's doorstep. In our webinar, Coach Brown will discuss the differences he sees between 'the art and science of baseball'. Where old school, decades-old learned methodologies are given new life when the data behind those inferences is unveiled. Additionally, he'll explain how he was able to tackle new pitching metrics such as spin, spin rate, and spin efficiency with the help of Rapsodo, which you can translate to your own staff.

For a special sneak peak, check out this video of Scott's thoughts on Rapsodo: View Video

CRAIG BRESLOW: "It was time for me to make a drastic change, or I was going to be on my way out from baseball." Craig Breslow has taken his knowledge of pitch analytics further than potentially any other pitcher in the history of the game. In our webinar, Craig will explain how he systematically used data that he acquired through Rapsodo to reinvent his mechanics. Through his focus on data, Craig has been able change himself from a player with "very little or no interest" to a player with over 15 offers to come into spring training and secure a major league contract. Which he did, in 2017 with the Minnesota Twins.

Check out this interview with Craig Breslow: View Video