Umpire-Coach Resources

Coaches and umpires pregame meeting.The ABCA Umpire-Coach Relations Committee was founded in 2016 with the goal of promoting a positive and professional working relationship between coaches and umpires, which requires civil and professional communication at all times. ABCA Board member John Casey is the Chair of the Committee and NCAA National Coordinator of Umpires George Drouches is a member of the committee.


The NCAA baseball umpiring "Home Plate" is at Coaches from NCAA institutions can register for a free account and gain access to all of the same resources that are provided to umpires. Updates are posted on a weekly basis throughout the season which should be reviewed by a member of the coaching staff. This site allows coaches to view rule interpretations, umpire education videos, and many baseball related educational topics. It is time well spent for a coach to peruse the site and get a sense of where the umpires are coming from and how they are being told to call plays.

NCAA Coach Ejection Reports: Head Coaches may file their own report of an ejection on the Arbiter website just as an umpire does. The coach must be registered for the Arbiter website and go to the "FORMS" tab to fill out the report. The coach must fill out the form completely and submit it within eight hours of the conclusion of the game.

Game Video: The ABCA Umpire-Coach Relations Committee encourages programs at all levels to provide game video to the umpires in a timely manner so that the umpires may review their own calls, including strike zone consistency. Coaches are encouraged to provide constructive information that umpires will be able to use to hone their craft.

Coordinators of Umpires: 

  • NCAA Div. I: George Drouches
  • NCAA Div. II: Scott Taylor
  • NCAA Div. III: Don Umland
  • NCAA Director of Umpire Training: Billy Haze



The ABCA is asking coaches to help our game! There is a critical shortage of umpires at every level. Coaches are encouraged to help recruit new umpires to the profession. If a coach thinks a former player or former coach would be well-suited for the profession, he or she should encourage them to look into it. Individuals who are interested in becoming an umpire or raising his or her level of umpiring may fill out the form below to receive more information.

Umpire Interest Form

Resources for Becoming an Umpire: